me n popSeven 1 CakeĀ  is owned and operated by Shana Lawson, a teacher, long time baker and trained artist. Shana began baking at the age of 12 for her family, by 14, dessert became Shana’s responsibility for Sunday dinner and holidays. She continued serving as the family baker through out college where she studied Fine Art Education with a concentration in Ceramic Sculpture. After graduating, Shana did not have access to a ceramic studio and found herself experimenting with fondant on her Sunday cakes. Her first few cakes were not aesthetically pleasing- to say the least; but then she baked a treasure chest cake for her daughter’s 3rd birthday and the guests applauded her creativity. After realizing she could apply the skills she acquired in ceramics to cakes, she tried again for father’s day and the guests began to purchase her cakes; shortly after, Shana began receiving orders through referrals and word of mouth.After years of developing her craft as an artist and baker, the vision of Seven 1 Cake has come to fruition and Shana looks forward to sharing her craft with you, your friends AND your family for generations to come!

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